Monday, 9 May 2011

Have you played Crysis 2?

Has anyone ever played Crysis 1? Well if you did, and you liked it, or even if you have never heard of it, READ ON!

Crysis 2 is a futuristic First Person Shooter typed game, the story-line is of a grunt (you) in the US army, getting trapped into this story-line of twisted weapon lords and alien defeating army corps.
 So you're on the first mission, like wtf where am i ?! then suddenly a huge black guy (Prophet) gives you his armour/suit thing and BAM you can go invisible, turn on power-armour, sprint really fast, super-jump and many more little cool things!

From here on, you will fight an army of men who aren't US army, but a privately owned army of the weapons creator (no spoilers!) who want the suit back! You will also fight aliens, this is when shit gets real.

Its kinda like COD and Halo smashed together, forming an ultimate gaming experience, seriously just try it.

Just check it out !
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