Sunday, 8 May 2011

Hello there!

hi there, i have just joined recently. As my first blog i would like to share with you my rules of smoking!:

Rules Of Cannabis Engagement: Do's
  • You must buy at least an 8th to yourself. (£20).
  • Slim large skins. *Rizzla *Swan *Bong shop skins ect.
  • Tobacco (if you wish to use).
  • Source of Roach. *Skins packet *Thin cardboard. 
  • Never be the only buyer of weed.
  • Make sure you're getting what you are paying for (more on this soon!).
  • Munch. Drink.
  • Place to Smoke/Crash. (Chances are they are the same place).
  • Films. *Matirx *Star wars *Pineapple Express *Superbad (list of great stoner films coming soon!).  
 Rules Of Cannabis Engagement: Dont's
  • Buy all the weed if you're smoking with 3+ people.
  • Dont be stingy though, remember a friend with weed is a friend indeed.
  • Forget skins.
  • Buy from a dealer who gives you less than 1.2g per tens. (£10).
  • Buy from a dealer that wears a full Nike outfit.
  • Never forget your munch/drink.
  • Share with Mr.Coughy/Sneezy (we all know one). 

So, those are the rules of engagement, if you are from a different country from me (UK) then your prices and names of things will be a lot different.

Thank you for reading. 

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